The Statue of Liberty: A Photo Essay

I'm an immigration lawyer, but I've taken up photography as a hobby.  The Statue of Liberty has bridged those two interests- the symbol of our country's immigration history, Lady Liberty has also been a photographic subject of interest.  Living in Brooklyn, NY causes one to form a special relationship with the statue, which appears while riding the F train into Manhattan; as a backdrop to the basketball courts in Brooklyn Bridge Park; or from a window in Industry City.  From a hill within historic Green-Wood Cemetery, a statue honoring fallen soldiers appears to wave to his fellow statue from a distance.  A photo I took of a man observing the statue from a railing in Red Hook evokes century-old images of immigrants being welcomed to our country from the railings of ships.

The Fourth of July seemed a good time to share of few of my photos.  I will post more traditional written content later in the week.

All photos by Jeff Chase.  Copyright 2017 Jeffrey S. Chase.  All rights reserved.



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